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It’s been a while. I apologise. I promise to do better! Part of the reason I have been away is that I have been researching on your behalf. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s all about you. Whilst you enjoyed your Easter or Spring break I have been busy behind the scenes researching free resources just for you. Let’s get to it!

5 fab free resources online (in no particular order).

First up we have some games. They make learning interactive and exciting and learners get their knowledge subliminally. What’s not to love?

Magic Verbs from the Vocab Ninja.

In my experience when teaching word classes kids can easily remember that nouns are naming words, and adjectives describe them. Verbs, on the other hand, are a whole other story. The genius that is Andrew behind Vocab Ninja has recently added 5 free interactive games that really help reinforce SPaG concepts. My favourite is the Magic Verbs set that has 3 stories where you pick each sentence’s verbs and create a story about a snail (in my opinion this is the easiest version), a Mermaid or a Pirate (don’t worry there is a mermaid in this one too). My tutees love these games as they are “writing a story” and when you pick an action, the character does it! The verbs to choose from are ambitious words and the sentences readable by the too. (Year 1/2 in the UK).


Need a random name picker? Want an interactive pick a pair game? Looking for a maths game that you can tweak to your needs? Look no further than Wordwall. I am a fully paid up member which allows me to make an unlimited number of activities, but as a free member you can make five different resources a month without any fees!

free resources

Some of the many reasons that I love this site are that you can:

  • upload your own pictures,
  • search, find, personalise and use community shared resources,
  • change the design and font to make it personalised
  • make resources to embed in your own website
  • assign the game to your students
  • can keep the games private
  • make games with pre-made maths ideas
  • use it across the curriculum interactive label the continents world map anyone?
  • make activities for all age ranges
  • use it for classroom management!

If you want an exclusive freebie click this image to get access to my random wheel spelling practice generator!

Truly, it is so brilliant!

Educlips Free Clipart

If you don’t love clipart, I am not sure we can be friends. Extreme? Maybe. We may need friendship counselling. Maybe it is because I am justifying my own clipart buying habit (it is either a hobby or an addiction. I choose the former label). One of my absolute favourite Clipartists is Educlips. She is a TpT seller and she makes the cutest… everything. She is also incredibly generous with her free pieces. She has over 3,300 products and a massive 106 of them are free. And it is never just one image in the set that is free. She offers multiple images in black and white and full colour in these sets. Mind blowing. If you are using them in a commercial way, just make sure to credit her. I have linked to her freebies in this image ( I mean how cute?):

free resources

Word of the Day – Vocabulary Ninja

free resources

Andrew is so passionate about improving children’s vocabulary he gives away a weekly set of resources to help improve their vocab completely free. It is suitable for the entire Primary range (ages 5-11) as there are two levels of word each day. You can download the words in PowerPoint or PDF format and it is all there ready for you. Wow! He has also created a specific resource for the Early Years Foundation Stage Kiddos aged 4-5 which has decodable words with sound buttons ready printed. Sadly for us, the EYFS Word of the Day is NOT free, but for £20 you can sign up for a year’s access to the whole site with comprehension, Maths and more activities available to freely download. I have done this and paid my own pennies too. But the amount of time I have saved is worth the money. Probably x100.

Free printables from Zoedidthat

You didn’t think I would fail to mention my own did you? I am proud to offer 5 freebies in my store, with more to come! There are also some product bundles that include freebies within them, such as my 5* rated Directed Drawing bundle.

free resources

And speaking of freebies you really should grab my free fine motor printable. By signing up you will join other educators getting all the latest product news, and avoid missing out on future freebies too!

Let me know your favourite free resources in the comments, on insta or by emailing me!


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