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Please note that the bullet journal spreads featured in this post are lovingly slurped from Pinterest.  I assert no rights of them.

This week I am showing you some spreads I love from yet another of my new hobbies!  I mean colour coding, stationery and lists.  What’s not to like?

5 fab things – Bullet journal spreads

Bullet journals are a system of planning that is pretty and practical and speaks to the organiser and the list maker in me.  I found out all about them through Pinterest – and I find it super inspiring, even though I am NoT an artist in any way.


Keep track of all those cleaning tasks that never seem to get done and provide yourself with a little manual for when they should be done too!  I love how the House Beautiful team have kept it simple and clean and left space for checking off or adding items in.

bullet journal spreads


I love the idea of actually recording the films you’ve seen in order to prevent the “Woah, I remember this!” moment that I generally encounter about 10 minutes before the end of a film…


Likewise, compiling a list of books I have read – though I rarely forget them. This is not only a cute bookshelf spread, but it also has an inspiring artistic quote too.  One day, maybe when I retire in 40 years time, I will have beautiful bullet journal pages like this….

or this…

bucket list

I find the idea of a bucket list not only a bit morbid, but too challenging, anxiety inducing and generally overwhelming. This seasonal bucket list, however, makes me smile and want to “magpie”** it.  **UK teacher word for steal…

gift list

Finally, I love this idea for keeping track of your budget and gift list at Christmas.  I am guilty of not only over buying, but double buying on more than one occasion.  For some people I could buy a cart load of gifts, and others I could spend a fortune and still have a rubbish gift for them. By using this gift tracker I can make notes of what I have bought, could buy and what needs to be wrapped/ posted. Hurrah!bullet journal spreads

What are your 5 fab bullet spreads?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for site updates!

bullet journal spreads

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