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Please note that I have lovingly slurped these clips from YouTube.  I assert no rights over this property.

I love Disney.  There I said it.  In particular I love the animated films.  And my extra special favourites are the animated movies with songs in.  There are just so many Disney films to pick from nowadays, but I have worked extra specially hard for you to produce my 5 fab things, Disney Song edition.  Though I imagine there will be more Disney film themed post because basically….

I love Disney!!!

5 fab Disney songs

if you check out my Pinterest boards you will see I kid you not!  There is so much love in my heart for Disney that I taught a year of topics that almost all had a relevant Disney film to watch at the end.  True story…

5 fab Disney songs

Today I am going to share 5 of my personal favourite Disney songs, complete with youtube links.  Oooh I’m excited.  Let’s do this!

at #5:

Hercules is underrated, Hades is an excellent villain, there is a great heroine twist and it includes this song….

#4 Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid.

It is impossible for me to not include a song from this film, seeing as it is the best one.  (It was my equivalent Frozen obsession…)  I was torn between this and Kiss the Girl, but the memories of my brother and I dueting to this one pushed it slightly ahead.

#3 Man or Muppet? from the Muppets Movie

Technically not a cartoon…. Just watch it…

Oh, and I went to the same school as the Director, so I feel weirdly invested.

#2 Fixer Upper – Frozen

The most underrated song in the Frozen phenomenon – and also hilarious:

My number one personal favourite is…..  When I see an elephant fly, from Dumbo.

It’s a great film, but it isn’t my favourite.  I love the song because it has the classic Disney qualities we all love:

  • it’s short,
  • it’s appropriate
  • it fits the story
  • and it has humour for the adults in the room!

I love the innocent word double meanings and have been known to use it for grammar lessons on figurative language and homonyms…  It’s combining my two loves – teaching and Disney – what’s not to love????

In my top 10, I also have Prince Ali from Aladdin and Me Ol’ Bamboo from Mary Poppins.  However, if I’d really thought about it I probably done 15 fab things, which isn’t quite the natty title…

There we have it.  My fab 5 Disney songs that you may not have remembered.  Do you agree? Which is your Disney Film Song favourite?  Let me know below by commenting below, liking this post and signing up for site updates!

5 fab Disney songs

Once again – please note that I have lovingly slurped these clips from YouTube.  I assert no rights over this property.

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