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make me happy

Welcome to the latest 5 fab things post.  This edition looks at 5 things that make me happy at this very moment!

5 fab things that make me happy!


Mostly I am snacking on apples and humus.  I have a complete food crush on this combo and have started to get edgy if I don’t have my apple and humus quota…

Fizz free

Accidentally, I started a Diet Coke detox and so far have managed 33 days without it! That’s over a month!  Woo me!  I think I may have been a little addicted, and I have loved the taste for forever!  A couple of weeks ago I found something floating in the bottle and ever since the idea of drinking it has made me a little nauseous…

floral fever

Husband and I (mainly husband) have been attempting to sort out our little front garden and this week husband brought in one of the gladioli we had grown that was starting to wilt, he put the glorious stem in a vase with some water and oh my it was so pretty! and oh so satisfying to have a homegrown plant in our home!

blog brilliance and yarny goodness

Following on from floral goodness we have the beauty of the new Stylecraft Special DK colours as advertised by Lucy over on Attic 24 blog.  Oh how her blog makes me smile! make me happyThere are a whopping 88 shades comprising of 8 variegated colours and wait for it….. 80 solid ones – isn’t that an incredible range?  Stylecraft please note I am happy to take one of each!  Anyway, I adore the new blue Lapis, even though Lucy isn’t a fan.

Fabulous home accessories

My beautiful landline phone.  Look at it in all it’s shiny yellow glory, and it sits on a crochet doily…. **swoon**

So tell me, what are your 5 fab things for today?

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makes me happy

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