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Today we have 5 fab mental health quotes I have lovingly slurped from Pinterest.

5 fab things – mental health quotes

mental health quotes

People – the struggle is real.  Every. Bloomin’. Day.

Is it just me?  I blame my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but mostly I am an introvert who does not enjoy being peopley.  However, being solitary and not having masses of people in my life does mean that the next quote doesn’t happen often…

Why. Would. You. Do. That. To. Me????   The horror and anxiety of speaking to someone.  In real time.  Argh!  So yup. That was me. I didn’t answer your call.  I looked at it with terror.

Since my diagnosis of CFS (and before it was an acknowledged thing in my life) literally every time I am out of bed I’d think of this quote:

Today. Yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow.  I am a living legend.

Please comment below and tell me that the next picture isn’t a Zoe-thing? I shall patiently wait here with my fingers crossed.

mental health quotes

and if this doesn’t perfectly describe your life – try not be jealous of me.

On a nice dark night, cosy as anything.  I am super dosy and about to drop off and then – a thought about tomorrow and….

This happens to me most nights, just so my friend insomnia can come visit.

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mental health quotes

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