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quotes that inspire

Welcome to another “5 fab things” post. Today we are considering quotes that inspire me.  I am an enthusiastic Pinner (Pinterest addict for the uninitiated).  I love to browse inspirational and motivational quotes as much as I adore pinning about my hobbies.  Actually I pin about my hobbies more than I do them.  Anyway…. let’s move onto looking at some pictures that contain words that just make me sigh with pleasure.  All images lovingly slurped from Pinterest.

Quotes to inspire

Husband is a rarity.  He, like me, loves to spend time with me separately.  You can often find him messing about with his computers or making electronica music, whilst I am pinning (see above) or reading or just generally faffing about in a different part of the house.  We love the comfort of knowing we are both here, but not having to be in each other’s space.  We love that we can meet for a coffee, probably a biscuit, and a chat about nothing and then separate back to our own company for a while.  This quote really sums it all up:

quotes that inspire

Often, I let the negative comments or derogatory actions of one other person affect my entire mental and emotional well being for days.  No more.  Now I will try and remember that….

quotes that inspire

I really need to read that almost every day, and this too:

It’s a reality check.

This next quote feels like it was written as a note to me.  I am guilty of avoiding starting things because they wont be perfect.  Of bodging something like my knitting to get it done (and sometimes from frustration) then hating that I didn’t do it well enough.  I must remember that:

quotes that inspire

What’s the quote that is inspiring you today?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for site updates!

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