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5 fab things – teaching infographics

I feel like sometimes it is very much teachers vs home carers/parents when it comes to helping the children.  Teachers have crazy methods that work well in the classroom, but sometimes just don’t translate to the home (just me?).  When this happens, it can lead to mixed messages, contrasting methods and generally confused children.  Using infographics like these can allow both all of the stakeholders in the process to be “on message”.  I find that talking through the points at workshops or parents’ evenings combined with using them regularly in the classroom means that the infographics can be a vital reminder to students and parents too.

This post includes 5 of my favourite infographics for primary teachers.

The first four images were found on the internet, mainly through pinterest – so feel free to share, pin and tweet yourself!  Theycan be considered quick reference guides on:

  • parent involvement with maths and reading,
  • what to do if you have 5 minutes spare time
  • whole body reading and what it means



teaching infographics


Finally, I feature a teaching infographic created to help parents/carers understand the type of holistic learning that the Early Learning Goals (ELG) cover. Sometimes parents focus completely on reading and writing that they forget that in Early Years learning to do a zip, know the seasons, hold a pencil correctly, and explore art in a number of mediums are just as important!

My Reception Goals

teaching infographics

Do you have any teaching infographics you think are invaluable? Don’t forget to share in the comments below.

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