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It’s time to set the alarm, wake up early and go back to school!

In case you hadn’t noticed (cos you’ve been living under a rock?) it is September.  Educators and marketeers across the world are focusing on the fact that it is the back to school time of year.  As an educator, the shift from the lazy hazy days of the Summer break back to the fast paced 10-decisions-a-minute workplace can be quite a gear change.  So that my brain doesn’t completely stall, I welcome any fresh ideas that are engaging and easy!

Back to school art ideas!

To help with the back to school transition, Uniball asked me to get some of back to school art ideas collated in one place.  I happily obliged!  These are all tried and tested in the classroom, by me.  I’ve been there are tweaked them to avoid any unnecessary hiccups occurring!

To see my post, head over to this blog from Uniball pens and you will see our latest collaboration!  I felt so lucky to get to work on this post with them.  I was not paid, so it is 100% bias free!  This time we suggest back to school art ideas that

  • promote scissor control,
  • develop self portraiture artistry and skills,
  • and finally encourage activities with more of a purpose- Get Well cards for Humpty Dumpty.

school art ideas

Uniball pens manufacture an incredible variety of pens from fine line nibs to work-on-any-surface Posca pens.  The range also embraces a whole rainbow of colours all at a reasonable price.

school art ideas

Just to repeat, I am not being paid to write for Uniball, but I do feel I should mention how much I am lusting after these markers that amazingly write on “on Metal, Glass, Plastic, Stone, Fabric, Terracotta, Porcelain, and many more!” Absolutely on my completely desirable list.

I’m sure you have more ideas of how to engage kids in the classroom with fun back to school crafts.  It’s nice to share so don’t forget to like, comment below and sign up for site updates and news!

school art ideas

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