Back to School TpT Sale Sept 2020

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It’s September.

That means one thing to educators like myself – Back to School 2020 has begun.

I love teaching and all it involved, but there is always an internal sigh when the Summer holidays are over and the workload starts to increase again.

That’s one of the many reasons that I have a TpT store.

I created it to help other people teach quality, differentiated lessons on topics that are cross curricular. And to save them time. One of the worst time suckers for me is trawling the internet, determined to find the lesson plan that is totally pre-made, customised to my class and in the Topic / Niche / Lesson Objective I need.  I am always determined that there is someone else out there who has made that resource and been kind enough to share it with the world.  At a reasonable price.

I am happy to pay – after all I know how long it can take to make each set of lessons. The sacrifice of time / social life / sleep / sanity that teachers give up to make those school hours as perfect as possible. So I search the web. I search a bit longer. I fall into a wormhole of interesting, but not quite what I’m looking for products. Then I see things that might be useful at some point in my life. So I Pin them. Then I spend ages on Pinterest still relentlessly searching for the mystery item that ought to be made by someone else.  I mean other people teach similar things to me, so where is it?

Then, after possibly an hour (honestly), I give up and decide to make my own resource.  At which point the trawl for copyright free clipart or facts that I can include or test starts. The whole creation process can take me hours. For one lesson.

The solution

So yeah, I value my “free” time and will pay to support those willing to share their life-saving resources with me. And what is better than being able to find that perfect resource you just need – but ON SALE!!! Oh happy days.

In the UK term starts around 1st September every year.  So to celebrate, but also liberate your free time this Summer Holiday end I have decided to throw a sitewide 20% off sale.

Back to School TpT Sale Sept 2020

No code required.

No minimum spend.

Just my quality resources for 20% off their usual price.

I endeavour to make resources for 4-8year olds that are engaging, varied and most importantly, fully differentiated and inclusive. I have been where you are, that’s why I make ready to print – or digitally assign – resources that will literally save you hours. All for an affordable price.

And then I went and took another 20% off. Even the bundles, which are already 20% off the combined list price. 20% off, 20% off?  I should be able to work that out as a % but my brain just popped with the effort.

The only catch is that this Back to School Sale will only be running from Friday 7th – Monday 10th September 2020.

So off you go and enjoy your weekend with less work, and much more life with your lessons prepped and ready to go! But before you go, don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for more content!

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