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This is the start of a regular Wednesday post to get us through the middle of the work week – 5 fab things!  Today we consider…. back to school stationery!

back to school stationery

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5 Fab Things – back to school stationery edition.

I love that the “back to school” routine allows organisation and colour coding geeks (me) to reorganise themselves, regroup and rethink the colour coding system they use.  Such as:

back to school stationery
with thanks to

for highlighting important parts of the text or organizing by day:

back to school stationery
with thanks to

As a teacher I also love to rearrange my classroom for the start of the term (ok, you got me – I change almost every weekend… variety is the spice of life).

Then there is the excuse to buy an extraordinary amount of new stationery because, well… it’s September.  

***Caution*** Stationery beauty is next…. #hyperventilating

Why is this not my work area?
One of each please.

So many pretty rainbow stationery opportunities…

This needs to be mine. Actually I am pretty darn close.

September brings calm and order for me.  I get back into a routine and this means I know what I am doing most days (or ought to be doing). Routine is soothing for those of an anxious disposition such as myself.

The new school year (here in the UK) also ushers in the start of Autumn – which is a season I love as it brings with it rain, knitted garments, beautiful colour changes in the trees, snuggly indoor time, cosiness and a general need for hot drinks and the start of hibernation!

back to school stationery

What are your favourite things about back to school?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for site updates!

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