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This post about beginners bullet journals shows some of the stationery I personally use for my own Bullet Journal.  Some of this site’s pages contain affiliate links that you can read more about on my disclosures page.

Welcome all beginners at Bullet Journalling.  Also known as #BuJo by the kids.  So I am told.

Today I am showing you my own first attempts.  I am VeRy much the beginner, but I have enjoyed:

  • the colour coding
  • the colouring
  • the prettifying
  • the updating
  • and the planning of all the above!

My journey as described for Bullet Journal Beginners

Monthly bucket list

First up we have my first attempt at a monthly bucket list:

beginners bullet journal

I wasn’t very good at completing the actions on the actual bucket list – (See? – only 2 are coloured in), but I enjoyed making it, and planning it.  The outlines of the notepad pages were made with a stencil from Etsy, and I love them.  A little quirky and unusual, but a stencil I feel that I will be able to use and use again (see below!).  I changed some of the shapes but used the top part of the stencil each time.  Recently I went back and put a coloured outline round the left and bottom side of the shapes and think it really added to it.

Next up we have a similar affair with the notepad stencil for November:

beginners bullet journal

It might not be clear, but I went over the lines of the “page” with a blue fine liner in a reminiscent of the paper in notebooks way.  Super pleased with this one.  After the disappointment of not doing many list things in October, I decided to pair down, and now we are mid way, I have already completed 2 of them!


Reminder lists

I have ordered a new phone and as it is not due to arrive until December (!!!), I was having a mini moment about remembering all I will need to do when I transition from old to new.  Anyway to stop me worrying about not remembering everything, and make it more exciting than a list we have…. the list on a phone screen!

I coloured it an orange shade as my phone will be a copper colour.  I love how it turned out and the shadow on it too.  This shadow seems to lift it off the page. Really pleased with this one.

Quotes pages

Now we have two quotes pages that I did today.  This notebook is one that I had in stock, as money is a liiiiiittle (lOt) tight, and some of the felt tips have bled through the pages… I like to think of it as extreme colour saturation… Anyway, I have left some of the pages blank and have decided to washi tape some bits and bobs in on this pages.

Today I made these:


I washi-ed (is that possible?) these in with my Russian doll tape that I found on Etsy – I adore Russian dolls and washi tape => happy me!  I do love them, and how it is making my journal personal, and relevant to me.  As you may be well aware, my name is Zoë, and I am a colour addict.  However, I jam absolutely rubbish at drawing, unless it is a cartoon caterpillar.  A few years ago a kid in my class asked me why I had drawn Mary riding to Bethlehem on a goose…  With this context I think I am doing quite well!

Inspiration pages

Finally for today I am including my weight loss inspiration sheets.  On the left is my reward chart – which I have again washi-ed in with bunting washi tape, and will post about another time.  I have also put some motivational stickers on the blank part of the folded insert too.  I imagine it will be referred to an awful lot in the coming months, and I hope it will become a most loved and used part of my journal!

So that’s it for now.  What do you think?  Have you any beginners pages you could share?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign-up for site updates!

beginners bullet journal

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