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A quick fix for the last days of term (or entertaining everyone at home over the festive period).

I am not going to go over the 2020 Covid situation affecting our festive celebrations. Unless you have been on Mars, in a coma, or a permanent Big Brother situation, it’s pretty much a given that you know about it. I mean even the people at the British Antarctic Survey Station have been affected with reduced supply runs etc. Thus, I guess you know, have lived through, and are feeling the changes.

Most educators have been coping with a crazy mix of isolation, teaching bubbles, hybrid teaching, face to face teaching, synchronous and asynchronous teaching. I am currently not in the classroom, and so I am as baffled as everyone else about these methods, how the learning is affected, and beyond everything else how on earth teachers are coping with it all.

As you know I am all about work/life balance using affordable resources to save you time! I’ve done it – so you don’t have to! And I feel like this is the perfect time for me to help out.

A large number of my products are $1.50 or under. Which means that you can sort your planning out for pennies.

Candy Cane Science

A particularly popular no-prep product at this time of year is my “Candy Cane Science” which retails at $1.50.

candy cane candy cane candy cane

All you need to do is print it and go. It starts with a vocab sheet to encourage ambitious word choices and scientific vocabulary. Then there is a simple experiment that involves just Christmas cupboard ingredients: vinegar, water, milk or coke. In fact any liquid you choose, and of course candy canes too!

This Candy Cane Science packet includes a complete step by step experiment to guide learners through an investigation into dissolving and working scientifically and teaches how to:

  • Investigate
  • Predict
  • Observe
  • Record
  • Conclude
  • Work scientifically

PLUS it is an engaging and thought provoking family activity too!

I can’t wait to see how my stepson reacts with our kitchen science day between Christmas and New Year, the kids in my classes have always found it so exciting to see if there predictions are right too.

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candy canes

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