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Today’s theme is using the 12 days of Christmas poem (or song) to inspire your Christmas time in the classroom.

Christmas in the Classroom: The 12 days of Christmas Poem

Firstly, do you know the song?

There seems to be a lot of discussion about the meaning behind each gift in the poem, and one of my favourite things to discuss with older learners is their opinions. What do you think of this one?

12 days christmas poem

For me this is a great place to start out classroom inspiration and ideas!

English / Literacy

  • identify the alliteration in the song.  Can you think of different alliterative words to use such as 7 swans a swooping, 10 Lords leaving?
  • try rewriting some lines of the songs to match the ideas in the picture above.
  • do songs and poems always have to rhyme?  Explore other Christmas poetry such as the Night Before Christmas. Which is more appealing?  Why?
  • Create your own 12 days of Christmas poem.
  • Can you continue the poems?


  • order images from the 12 days of Christmas from greatest to smallest (or vice versa)
  • match the images to the numerals
  • Use the 12 days to test your timetables from 1 all the way to 12!
  • combine (or add) different sets such as the gold rings with the pipers
  • use the images to create subtraction sentences
  • use the sets to make number bonds
  • estimate the total number of presents – and check!
  • investigate a formula that the children can use to work out how many total of each item there are.


  • illustrate the song
  • ask the children to make items to match the song
  • act out the song
  • create actions for the song and perform it for the parents and carers – or the rest of the school.


  • Ask the children whether they find the images helpful as a way to remember the Christianity features they represent.  Can they explain why they feel like that?
  • What would they like for Christmas?  Why?
  • Why should people have presents?  What do they mean?
  • Use images from the poem to make lacing cards to practice fine motor skills


  • Head over to either my TES store or visit my TpT store and discover 8 English lesson based activities ready for you to use all based on the Twelve Days of Christmas Poem. Alongside this I have some Christmas science activities and other Christmas and Winter appropriate items too!

What activities would you do in the classroom for the 12 days of Christmas? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for content updates!

12 days poem

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