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Christmas repeating pattern

So in 3 months today the big day will be here, and all the excitement will be happening/close to over.  I have mixed feelings about this.  BUT you have no idea how much I love colour.  Which means you have no idea how much I love teaching repeating patterns – and how much extra I can squeeze into this topic!  So let’s get started with this post from our Christmas in the Classroom Series: repeating patterns.

Christmas in the Classroom: Repeating Patterns

Maths Space, Shape and Measure

  • I know, I know it is a pretty obvious place to start – repeating patterns is part of the SSM curriculum.  However, do you know why?  Well let me inform you!  If a child can continue and spot repeating patterns they are more likely to be able to be comptent at algebra in later life.  Yes, yes there are many links!
  • Don’t limit the children to repeating colours (although that is a fabulous place to start). You could use 2d shapes.
  • 3d shapes
  • Clothing
  • Construction toys (duplo, wooden brick, duplo, wooden brick)
  • Natural objects found in the outside areas
  • Beads and threads
  • Christmas decorations
  • Santa and elves
  • and of course the children themselves.

Art and Design

  • Colour is the obvious choice, and I love to let the kids finger paint their patterns.
  • Use the theme to create paperchains to decorate the classroom.
  • Or gift wrap
  • or Christmas cards


  • Identify the Primary and Seconday colours
  • Colour mixing
  • Making shades of colours
  • Complex repeating patterns that have 2 simultaneous repeats such as yellow square, yellow heart, pink square, pink heart, yellow square etc

Some of my favourite Pinterest ideas:

(Click to go to the websites)

Christmas in the classroom patternsChristmas in the Classroom patterns

I absolutely adore these scarf idea!

My favourite pattern resources on twinkl:

christmas repeating pattern

Developing and understanding and starting to investigate:

and one that fits the 12 days of Christmas theme and  repeating patterns.  Am I good to you or what?

Christmas repeating pattern

Have you any favourite repeating pattern resources you love to use? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for content updates!

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***I am lucky enough to have a Premium Platinum Account with teaching resource website twinkl.  I already had an account and happily paid for it, but now twinkl have given me a free subscription in return for my reviews.  Don’t be fooled though – all thoughts and opinion are my own!  I just happen to be a big fan.***

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