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This is the first in a new zoedidthat series about Celebrating Christmas in the Classroom because guys Christmas is coming!!

In this post we tackle the age old question:

Should I buy Christmas presents for my class? 

Some do, some don’t and some (like me) worry and flip flop between do and don’t depending on finances and school precedent!

For me, whether you do or don’t doesn’t matter.  However, if you do decide to take the plunge here are my Golden Rules for buying Christmas presents for your class.

The Golden Rules for buying Christmas presents for my class.

Golden Rule #1

If you are buying a present for one, you must buy one for all.  Favouritism is always best avoided.

Golden Rule #2

If you are in a year group with more than one class, consult with your colleagues.  It is best not to be the only one doing it, whichever way you decide to go.

Golden Rule #3

Do not spend more than you can afford.  In fact do not spend more than £2 per child.  I like to bulk buy things and make little packets of goodies for my class.  It all adds up.

Golden Rule #4

Keep the gifts educational.  A book, pencil and notebook, a pen.  These are all suitable gifts.  Remember this is a token gesture, not their main gift from Santa.

Golden Rule #5

Try and get others onboard!  This doesn’t mean you spend more, but it does mean that someone else may contribute to the cost, or do the wrapping for you.  Teaching Assistants work so hard for their not-enough-money, and often have the generous spirit of wanting to get the kids something too.  A joint effort takes the pressure of everyone, and also allows the children to get double the love from one gift!

Ideas for what to get:  

Click the images for links to where to purchase.  Please note that by doing so I may receive a small affiliate marketing commission at no extra cost to you.  For more information read my disclosures page.
christmas presents for my class

FIFTEEN, yes 15, play doh pots plus stickers £8.41 with FREE delivery.  That is 56p each.  I want them for myself.

christmas presents for my class

24 bendable pencils and 24 emoji rubbers for £6.99 with FREE postage, making it 15p per item.  I need a shocked emoji rubber like, right now.

christmas presents for my class

25 sheets of stickers in one set.  £2.95 with free delivery.  12p a sheet!

christmas presents for my class

12 mini notebooks for £4.99.  That makes each notebook is 42p.

So the total cost for this – 1 notebook, 1 pencil, 1 eraser and 1 sheet of stickers – for a class of 30 would be:

£51.67 or £1.40 per child 

(with alot of spares).  If that seems too much, I would omit the notebooks and the total would be

£36.70 or 98p per child 

What do you get your class for Christmas?  Or do you decline to buy your class a present?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for all the latest content!

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