Cyber Monday

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Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday Sale 2020

I don’t often jump on a bandwagon. In fact, normally I run screaming in the other direction when something gets popular. A movie, a shop, a brand I almost actively avoid something that is over hyped. But today, I am flagging down the vehicle and shouting “Hey! Wait for me!”. And I am as surprised as you are to type the words “Black Friday” for my blog.

Is it just me, or has “Black Friday” suddenly become both an extraordinarily long and important advertising exercise? I mean here in the UK we don’t have Thanksgiving so having a special Black Friday sale the day afterwards doesn’t exactly make sense to me. The marketeers and advertisers seem to have forgotten that though and we have Black Friday sales that start pretty much the day after Hallowe’en and last til Christmas Eve.


Now, don’t get me wrong I love a deal as much as (maybe more than) the average gal so when I need something, and an email arrives to tell me about an incredible price I am on it. Sold. Sign me up.

But I am thrilled to announce that not only was there not a Black Friday TpT sale, but that there still is indeed a chance for you to indulge in a little sale opportunity over on TpT! For Cyber Monday and the start of Advent (Monday 30th November and Tuesday 1st December) there is a site wide 25% off sale that every seller can opt into. And I opted in. I opted all 77 of my resources in. Including the distance learning and digital overlay ones.

Cyber Monday

There are only 72 listed in the admin. I ended up emailing in frustration because I wanted the entire store in the sale. The incredibly sweet support lady politely pointed out that 5 of my products are free, and so they can’t be discounted by 20%… I didn’t feel stupid at all. No, not me.


Moving on. Every single resource possible in my store will be 20% off for this limited time only when you use the code CYBER20 and it will increase the discount to 25%. It’s an ideal chance to replenish and refresh your stocks of resources ready to print and teach at the click of a button!

cyber monday

PS I have a sneaky top tip for getting free (yes, you read that correctly free) TpT resources coming out in my e-newsletter sign up now so you don’t miss it!

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