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Did you miss me?

Here I am!  And in the words of 90s boyband gods the Backstreet Boys – I’m back!  I haven’t been far.  In fact most of the time I have been the other side of the screen, like normal. Got to ask though – did you miss me?  I certainly missed you.  I truly did.

I am wading through the crumbs, marking pens and dirty coffee mugs to get to the keyboard and hoping that you are well and happy over there.  And of course I am now making a to do list which includes blog posts and cleaning up said crumbs, pens and mugs.

Sorry for the absence.  Long story short? Business, tiredness, illness, epic tiredness and life conspired against me.  Long story not short?  I have returned to proper work – like long term need to do everything from paperwork to planning to reports work.  That means that because I seem to move in slow motion due to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome everything takes me oh-so-long to complete.  So any free time I may have ends up being sucked into “get work done and make up for lost” time and the viscous cycle continues.

But don’t you worry lovely people, I am here now!  I am going to try to be one of those regularly posting bloggers, who are like super consistent with their content production.  Woohoo I hear you cry! There will be lots for you all to enjoy in the near future.

Is there anything you want me to write about?  Have you enjoyed any posts in particular?  Please do let me know in the comments.

And as I am returning with lots of lovely new content, don’t forget to sign up to the site updates!

did you miss me

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