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How to get free TpT products (that other people pay for)

January is commonly seen as a depressing time. People have spent all their money, and possibly more,  on “the most wonderful time of the year”. People put themselves on punishingly strict diets. Then lapse and feel like a failure. There is more darkness than daylight. The next holiday to look forward to is Valentine’s Day, and that isn’t a holiday from work. That in itself can stir a whole tornado of emotions!

So I get it. January is all about good intentions and recovery.

But there are still kiddos in the classroom needing you to be at your best. There are still lessons to teach, and resources to create. You need to make a decision. Are you going to scrape together some pennies from your meagre salary or are you going to put in 5 minutes effort to get free resources from TpT that will not only reduce your workload, but leave the finances alone entirely?

As you know I am all about work/life balance using affordable resources to save you time! I’ve done it – so you don’t have to! That means that today I want to share with you the open secret that will allow you to get resources that others pay for – for absolutely £0. Or $0. Either way – ZERO monies paid.

Here’s the secret to free TpT products!

All you have to do is review paid resources you have already bought here and then you get yourself TpT credits. These credits can be used to purchase other items on the site, and the bonus is that little store holders like me get feedback on their resources too. It’s an all round win!


free tpt

Head to the My Purchases section of TpT and click on it.


free tpt

Make sure you are on the “Paid Purchases” tpt



Click on “Leave a Review” and do so!!

That is it. When you pop onto the “TpT Credits” section of your account you will find out how many you have.

free tpt

Or next time you are at the checkout see if you have a balance to apply, because you don’t have to have a full amount to use them! Woohoo!

Time to head over to the credits page and get reviewing to start your freebie fund!

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