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Freebie Friday – Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room

Welcome to another post in the zoedidthat series – Freebie Friday!  You may have guessed the general theme to this series. Something free from Teachers Pay Teachers on a Friday!

As part of the Seller’s Forum, Victoria Leon has coordinated a connection for us, where we can give permission to other sellers to review our store and Freebies.  As a result I have decided to create Freebie Friday and I am excited to join in.  This week we start with Freebie Friday – Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room and here are my thoughts!

Mrs Hs Speech Therapy Room

All About Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room

Mrs H has an intimidatingly fabulous profile! She is a Speech Therapist working with people of all ages, and she has also mentored many others to become Therapists too!  My personal wow moment when reading her profile?  Winning Teacher of the Year.  Wow!  I mean!  Just wow.

Who are Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room making resources for?

Not only has Mrs H a range of activities for Speech improvements, she includes an amazing array of vocabulary and grammar resources suitable for the schoolroom.  She has posted a staggering 268 products (as July 2020). There are a variety of price points from Free to Year long bundles for under $90.

Didn’t you mention a Freebie?

The featured freebie on Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room store is an Apple themed vocabulary sheet.  Mrs H tells us that “addresses multiple semantic and syntactic goals for your older students”.

What’s great about this Freebie?

I love a theme.  This is a theme that I think is accessible to pretty much the entire world.  Apples.  It could be linked into a number of topics including healthy eating, Harvest, Farms and even Snow White fairy tales!

The tasks are easy to complete and understand and, whilst aimed at higher grade children, could be used as a prompt for oral discussion during focused IEP work with SEND children, or during a grammar session too.  I love the idea of extending this activity for younger learners to include eating an apple and brainstorming adjectives with it.

If the children were making an apple using playdough they create some of the words suggested in the synonym/antonym exercise. During this exercise they could also try to aurally and orally unscramble the sentences as they worked. I would recommend doing this in a discussion/chat style with the adult scribing the correct answers. Then modelling the correct sentence back to them too!

Mrs Hs Speech Therapy Room

I think this is a great resource and I am so pleased that I downloaded it to have in my arsenal of activities!  I think that you should head right over to Mrs H’s Speech Therapy Room TpT store and have a peruse at their offerings! Whilst you are there, why not also check out my TpT store too? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign-up for my zoedidthat site updates!

freebie friday Mrs H's Speech Therapy Room

All resources and store reviews have been done with love, and full permission of the store holders.  I receive no financial reward for these reviews.  For full information about any monetisation on this blog please read the disclosures page.

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