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Freebie Friday

Welcome to the first in my new series – Freebie Friday!  You may have guessed the general theme to this series. Something free from Teachers Pay Teachers on a Friday!

As part of the Seller’s Forum, Victoria Leon has coordinated a connection for us, where we can give permission to other sellers to review our store and Freebies.  As a result I have decided to create Freebie Friday and I am excited to join in.  This week we start with Freebie Friday – SciPi store and here are my thoughts!

Scipi - Science and Math

All About SciPi

According to their profile statement not only have they been teaching for a lifetime (80 years combined with their husband!), but they have received multiple awards.  Combine this with a list of publications and I am in awe already.  If not a little bit intimidated!

Who are SciPi making resources for?

It seems that SciPi are making their products for basically everyone. With 151 products listed (as July 2020), there are resources I would happily use for younger children (Infant range in the UK) that sit comfortably with the college mathphobic resources, items for parents and tick lists for teachers. Whilst staff and adults are catered for, the store primarily offers resources that are hands-on and engaging to encourage love for STEM subjects.

Didn’t you mention a Freebie?

freebie friday scipi store

The featured freebie on the SciPi store is Intermediate Dot Fun for Everyone: Free Version. Dot Fun is a set of domino based critical thinking and maths problem solving activities.

What’s great about this Freebie?

Not only is there an easy to master game that learners could play independently, This freebie also tackles a division method and uses dominoes for Place Value (to Thousands) and Expanded Form.  I have to admit I was most excited by the fact that there is a sheet of dominoes that you can print and use too.  I was pleased to see this for the following reasons:

  • With more home learning happening in the world right now, not everyone has access to the maths “concrete” resources that a well-stocked Maths cupboard at school holds.
  • I have, on more than one occasion, discovered that the one resource I want to use (and always the dominoes and the giant floor dominoes) are missing.
  • Or the said resource has missing components. Like instead of a set of 28 dominoes only has 25. It seems enough, but you will discover it isn’t
  • With the printable dominos you know that each learner has a complete set of what they need. Well at least you know that you have given them the right set of resources to start.  We all know that half way through the lesson there will be a chorus of “I can’t find my …. Domino!”

So head right over to SciPi’s TpT store and have a peruse at their offerings! Whilst you are there, why not also check out my TpT store too? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign-up for my zoedidthat site updates!

freebie friday scipi

All resources and store reviews have been done with love, and full permission of the store holders.  I receive no financial reward for these reviews.  For full information about any monetisation on this blog please read the disclosures page.

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