Guided reading bundles

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Guided Reading Bundles that save you time and sanity!

There are so many things to do when you are a teacher. To name a few:

  • Classroom decor,
  • training requirements,
  • assessment (such a small word, such a huge job),
  • social media posts for the school site,
  • newsletter contributions,
  • assigning homework,
  • checking consent slips are returned,
  • writing letters home,
  • organising off-site excursions,
  • risk assessments,
  • copying

and a whole lot of other stuff. Oh and then there is the little matter of planning some lessons to help the kiddos learn something.

So, I feel you. Your planning time heaving with jobs to do. I know what it is like to have overwhelm because there are just so. many. jobs. on a deadline.

Solutions are out there!

Part of my solution is to try and use shared resources that are fully differentiated. Attempting to use a one size fits all approach has never worked for me. Nor those in leadership. Kids who need work that stimulates or supports their learning, that receive the same work as all the rest are hard to handle. I would rather spend a few more minutes catering for all the learning needs than sorting out behaviour issues in class. Especially when they can potentially escalate, or have a ripple effect across the peer groups.

Another important factor is that the resources are both visually appealing (when teaching 4-8 yr olds that really does matter) and relevant to what my kids actually need to cover on the curriculum. However fun the activity. However pretty the border. It just won’t make ticking off assessment points or engaging the learners with the subject matter any easier. It needs to be appealing, engaging AND relevant. I am demanding in my pursuit of resources!

Help me out Zoe!

To help out, I have created a range of Guided Reading bundles. These include SPaG warm ups such as, alphabetical order, dictionary skills, compound words. Lots of Reading schemes cover the basics of decoding and fluency, but mine make sure to cover the range of skills that a Reader needs such as comprehension, inference and prediction.

Guided reading bundles

Currently, my plans and resources focus on an Artists topic set of books written by Laurence Anholt (titles above). He writes about painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso through the eyes of children who knew him. But stay tuned to my store – more Guided Reading will be coming soon, and there are a mix of SPaG resources already online.

Each book has both a week’s planning and the companion resources available individually and as a set. Each item is priced at $5.00 (I figured $1.00 a day for all the planning and resources completely sorted was fair.) and as a bundle by author you get the plans and resources for $8.00 on a normal day. So with the sale they are just $6.40. There is a bundle of all 6 books’ plans and resources which comes in at $38.40 (in the sale) for 6 weeks of Guided Reading planning and resources ready to print and teach.


And if that wasn’t enough? They are all part of the TpT Digital resource scheme which puts a special overlay on PDFs and allows them to be accessed and used remotely during this season of distance learning.

Plus they are all part of my Back to School TpT sale with 20% off!

guided reading bundles

So my contribution to saving your time and sanity? Take advantage of the bona fide bargains on my (and many other) TpT store – and while you are there, don’t forget to follow my shop and also like, comment and sign up for the zoedidthat brand updates!

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