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Happy new school year! 

This is a super short post to say happy new school year!  Let’s welcome in the new educational (or academic) year together.  I mean because we are returning to school, I am pretty sure there are no spare seconds to read long posts right now!

It was important for me to acknowledge this moment as I always view the New School Year as a fresh start.  So I have logged on to say to all my educator, student and general school community friends:

happy new school year

I hope your year is the best it can be.  I want nothing more for you than the entire school community (teachers, support staff, catering people, kids, parents – basically everyone) not only tries their best, but achieves everything that they can.  Who wouldn’t want the best for themselves and those around them?

Reset your new year resolutions.

It might not be an academic goal. It could be a personal relationship you want to develop or repair.  It’s not just adults that have “real life” goals.  There could well be be outside of the school environment entirely like ballet or Scouts. It’s the time of year when we can review, revise and repurpose ourselves and lives and even decide to take on new adventures.

I think my New Year Resolutions will include a health goal, and every year I include the “leave work on time and leave work at work” goal.  It might happen this time.

I desperately want the potential stored in all of us to burst out and push us to hit new heights. In my world education is lifelong, life enhancing and across all aspects of our lives.

Yay for learning!

Yay for the Happy New School Year!

happy new school year

You are never too old / poor / [insert excuse here…] to learn.  So tell me what have you learnt today?

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happy new school year