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How to celebrate Easter in the classroom

Earlier in my blogging career I shared my ideas about celebrating Christmas in the classroom and now, with Easter peeking around the corner, I’m buzzing with excitement to share some egg-citing ideas to sprinkle some seasonal magic into your classroom! 🐰🥚

Easter in the classroom


Let’s hop right in with my top tips for Celebrating Easter in the classroom:

  1. Egg-ceptional Egg Hunts: Firstly, let’s start off with a classic – an egg hunt! But hey, let’s make it educational too! Use egg shapes and place them all over the learning environment This a brilliant way to make learning or reviews active and works with maths problems, vocab, common exception words, fun facts about your topic (or your class!) or even revision. It’s like a treasure hunt for knowledge!
  2. Crafty Fun Galore: Get those creative juices flowing with some egg-straordinary crafts! From DIY Easter cards to egg decorating extravaganzas, there’s no limit to what you can create. Whenever there is a festival or celebration I love to get crafty with the kids; you can encourage your students to go wild with their imaginations!
  3. Bookish Egg-sploits: Time to crack open some Easter-themed books! Dive into tales about bunnies, chicks, all things spring, the Christian Easter Story, Jewish Passover and Ramadan. Stories are a gentle way to embrace the wider world and spark discussions or hands-on activities inspired by the stories. Who knows what egg-citing ideas might hatch?
  4. Easter Science Shenanigans: Let’s mix science with a pinch of Easter magic! Dye eggs using natural ingredients, explore the science behind eggshells, or dive into experiments about the life cycle of our fluffy friends. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get outside and do some hands-on plant-based science about plants and growth. If you have the resources, you could even hatch chicks in an incubator in your classroom Science has never been this egg-stravagant!
  5. Cooking Up Some Easter Joy: Ready to whip up some deliciousness? Obviously. Why not channel your inner chef with Easter-themed cooking and baking sessions? Worried about the curriculum coverage? You can cover change in states for science, weighing and measuring and collecting data about who likes them. But what should you bake? Bunny-shaped cookies, create nest cupcakes with candy eggs, or fruit skewers that scream “spring vibes”!
  6. Easter-themed Writing Prompts: Encourage budding writers with Easter-themed writing prompts! From creative stories about Easter adventures to persuasive essays on why the Easter Bunny should visit their hometown, the possibilities are endless!
  7. Easter Music and Movement: Not only can we get those bodies moving and grooving with Easter-themed music and movement activities, we can also have a bunny hop dance party, create egg-shaker instruments for a musical extravaganza, or even compose an Easter-themed class song (use a nursery rhyme for the tune).
  8. Cultural Egg-sploration: So you’ve read the books and learnt about Spring festivals across the globe. Why not dive into the diverse cultural celebrations of Easter around the world? Explore how different countries celebrate Easter, learn about their traditions, foods, and festivities. I love making it super hands on and in addition you can make it cross-curricular – it’s a journey around the globe without leaving the classroom!

Basically, these tips are like Easter eggs – crack them open, and you’ll find a world of possibilities inside! So, hop to it and use Easter to Spring into learning!

Wishing you an egg-cellent Easter!

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