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In prior posts I have talked about my top tips for Cover Teachers and today I want to go deeper with just one idea – repeat bookings.

Getting Repeat Bookings as a Substitute Teacher

One important factor to earning a living as a Supply (or Substitute) teacher is getting repeat bookings.  This could be within a school, across a federated set of schools, or even a longer-term placement within one class or year group!

If you appear as a “good fit” with a school’s ethos and values – they could be interested in rebooking you. Making sure you aren’t the one who runs out the door three minutes after the kids is important. Complete the marking before you leave and be a general asset to the school. These things alone make you more likely to get repeat bookings. Then you will be well on the way to becoming a regular face at the school. Without even being on the permanent staff. 

Tell me more, Zoe:

I want to be a substitute teacher that gets repeat bookings!

Supply teachers can turn up last minute, or come in for a solitary morning or day. This can mean it is rare that you see the actual teacher of the class. Sadly, sometimes you only have the students as witness to your awesomeness. However nice this is for them, it does not necessarily increase your earning potential!

One way to be the re-bookable teacher is to provide feedback on the day/sessions in a clear and concise way. That allows the reader to quickly get an update on what happened upon their return. They feel informed and ready to move forwards, rather than guess at what may have happened in their absence.

So what can I do to encourage a repeat booking?

Enter my feedback form. Not only is it completely FREE (yeehaa! Who doesn’t love free?). It has easy and quick to complete sections that will give the edited highlights of your cover session.

Substitute teacher feedback form

This form covers:

  • stars of the day,
  • general feedback on the session,
  • special mentions (use this to communicate any incidents or difficulties you have encountered).
  • and messages from staff / carers that you need to pass on.
Substitute teacher feedback form

I regularly use this form to make notes throughout the day. It means it is fresh in my mind and not a huge task to do.  Just a few seconds at a break time means it’s no sweat to complete at all!

Substitute teacher feedback form

This resource includes a UK and a US version (stating supply or substitute), and black and white versions.

Obviously, there is no way to guarantee that you will be returning to the school for more work. You may not even want to! However, show good communication after your visit alongside providing your contact details clearly shows your care and professionalism. It will also help the teacher who continues from where you left off!

As a result of combining all these things into the feedback form you will show yourself off to your best ability. Thus certainly encouraging repeat bookings.

What ways do you think that a Supply or Substitute teacher can get repeat bookings? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign -up for more content!


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