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Level up your Teacher Business by Rebecca Davis- a review

level up your teacher business

This book has been released as a companion to the course of the same name and I am so grateful for Becca Davis book Level Up Your Teacher Business. As soon as this book was released, I bought it. Then got a bit nervous about reading it. I was scared it would be overwhelming and put me off the whole zoedidthat enterprise. I didn’t want to have to acknowledge any parts of my plans that were … searching for a better word…. awful.

Don’t get me wrong, I want this project to work. With every fibre of my being. And honestly, I need some objective input.

At the moment I have asked my husband, mum and brother for their opinions and have been kind and as honest as possible to a girl they know may implode. But then they have to be nice because they know me and my fragile ego. My mum ventured a slightly more brutal about one page and I took it on the chin and changed it up. It is known in my family that I am headstrong and I like to go my own way, but I am a grown up now (am I? Only nearly 40. Not actually 40… Can I be grown up without being an adult?). So I am working on being a better person and accepting constructive criticism. Not all criticism. Just in case someone wants to try that theory out.

Back to the book…

Becca has done a great job engaging and challenging me with her YouTube videos, answering my inane questions by email and now motivating me with this book.

Her book is part advice, part workbook, part tips which makes it something that I could instantly apply to my plans. That in itself is beyond amazing, but the thing I love the most? She is so refreshingly honest about what you can achieve.

Some Teacherpreneurs tempt you to watch, subscribe and such like by promising that with their help, and only their help, you will make a 6 figure sum a month from blogging, TpT resources or across your brand.

Side Bar- I registered for a webinar at the weekend which promised me I could improve my sales to $100,000+ a month in 4 months. Just like she had. I watched for an hour with no actual advice provided until at the end she said that for just $1,997 I could sign up for her course! Guess we know how she makes her $100,000+ a month.

But Becca, with her amazing personal success story is open about how she started earning $7.25 monthly and is now consistently earning a 4 figure sum a month. My exact (current) goal. [When I get there I’ll up the ante I promise!] And she gives tips on how to do it. I love that there are little checklists to summarise her advice at the end of a chapter or section too.

It really doesn’t get much better. This is a book I am convinced that I will be going back to and will become well thumbed. Though I will not be writing in it. Sacrilege. Pure heathenry. Who writes in a book that isn’t a notebook???

Did it really impact my business?

I can’t say that the money has started flowing yet. However, my productivity, purpose and accomplishment of tasks has zoomed up through the roof. Seriously incredible. I am taking her often used quote (photo here from p.15)

level up your teacher business

to heart and working towards my goals every day.

level up your teacher business

My first action point was to do some planning. I now have

  • list of books I want to video for my YouTube channel.
  • list of blog posts to write
  • mind map of products and product lines to make for my TpT store.
  • list of social media ideas and actions
  • calendar plan for October with a plan of what to make/write/schedule and when.
  • list of general action points for the overall business including the new tutoring arm.

I love lists, and I love planning. It was only on Saturday when I was so excited to get to work that I realised how much I had let slide. And how lacking in motivation and enthusiasm I was.

In the first week I uploaded 7 products to TpT towards my goal of having added 15 by the end of October, joined Instagram, wrote 1.5 blog posts, filmed, edited and scheduled 6 YouTube videos and made 5 physical resources for my tutoring sessions.

Sum it up for me, I scrolled down

I really can’t recommend Becca enough. She is my unofficial mentor and I can’t wait to achieve even more of my goals so that I can be forced to make more!

Fancy a copy yourself? Click this link to pop over to Amazon and grab a copy*, or go and visit Becca’s site for more info on the course that it accompanies.

Does anyone inspire you? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and sign up for all the latest zoedidthat updates and freebies!

level up your teacher business

*This is an affiliate link and if you make a purchase through it I make a few pennies at no extra cost to you. For more information visit my disclosures page.

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