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As both an Infants teacher and step-mum I know how important the homemade Mothers’ Day Make is. So when I had the chance to collaborate with both Henkle (Pritt Stick) and Twinkl to produce this blog post  I was thrilled.  Here are the results. Just in the nick of time for Mothers’ Day.

Mothers’ Day Card make review

This make is a cute card that upcycles an egg box together with some tissue paper to make a beautiful flower in a pot card.  The photo above shows the cute supplies the nice people at Henkl sent me for the make… just want to shout out a big THANK YOU for that… but I imagine most primary schools have these bits and bobs as part of the standard stationery/crafting stock. Although you may need to request egg boxes to be sent in.  For my uber observant readers who, like me, are eco-conscious this was biodegradable glitter.  That went everywhere.

To keep costs down it may be that you choose to opt out of using premade foam shapes.  They can be quite an expense and are generally beyond reach of a class’ budget (especially for large classes).  However, we teachers are a resourceful and creative bunch so I recommend that you substitute the foam pre-cuts with a school-made alternative. One example would be to allow the kids to make their own flowers with coloured paper, tissue paper or card.  To make a more uniform flower with the class you could create a petal template that learners can cut out and use (again with the materials listed earlier).

mothers day make

This card is a generally easy construction and can be modified to suit any age by varying the complexity.  You can change the shape of the petals to represent different flower species, or change some of the materials I used.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

mothers day make

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PS Mothers’ Day in the UK is this Sunday 11th March 2018!!

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