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Personality traits that help me be a Primary School Teacher

There here by follows a list of the personality traits that help me be a Primary School Teacher.  One of them is generally repeating myself.  Alot.

 Can you see any similarities with you?
  • I love teaching children, especially aged under 11, particularly aged under 7.
  • Both colour coding and to do lists make me happy. Probably my love language.
  • Opening a pack of new crayons and seeing a full set gives me a thrill.  Actually, pretty much any stationery. Like felt tips.  Maybe paint.  Or notebooks.  Yeah just stationery.
  • You cannot beat writing things by hand and I adore collecting fonts. Currently at 1000+ and counting…
  • Spending an extraordinary amount of time on Pinterest provides me with fresh teaching ideas all the time.  As does life really.  Plus I can pretend I am working whilst pinning outfits and grammar based puns…
  • I can be flexible when everything changes at the last minute.  Although outside of the school day I struggle with that.
  • Do you spend an awful lot of time considering favourite things?  It could be colour (yellow), shape (hexagon), number (13), word (plump), animal (rabbit), superpower (flying… no stopping time.… no flying), dinosaur (Gigantosaurus), pet (cat or rabbit), and “thing to do at school” (Art, Guided Reading or SPaG) should it come up in conversation.  Although honestly, it doesn’t really ever come up.

How are you doing so far?

Are you a match for Primary teaching? Let’s consider a few more personality traits!

  • Despite wanting more of a work life balance, I question myself if I’m not working late into the night.  Similarly all day Sunday.
  • Likewise, working in holiday periods such as the festive Christmas period, my birthday (Eastertime) and August makes me resentful.  It always has, even in “normal” jobs.
  • Questions about how and why things work constantly occur to me. Like all. The. Time.
  • Spotting amazing things in the world such as drops of rain on a leaf, rainbows, water that has frozen as it is coming out of a drain, a bent penny, flowers growing in unlikely places – it all makes me happy. I notice the little things in life!
  • I don’t mind explaining things a number of times.
  • Explanations in multiple different ways and multiple times don’t bother me.
  • Reading is the best.  And more to the point, kids get the best stories.
  • My crafting results can often look like I am six, but I still get excited about the craft activities kids get to do.
  • Unsurprisingly, dressing up and acting like a complete wally come ridiculously naturally to me.
  • I can regularly be heard singing and humming random songs, especially children’s songs and TV theme tunes.
Basically, learning is my jam!

So all this results in me being a perfect fit with teaching.

What traits do you have that help you with your profession?

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