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Celebrating Christmas in the Classroom The twelve days of Christmas Poem Update

In 2018 I wrote a post about using the Twelve Days of Christmas poem as a teaching tool in the classroom. This post was incredibly popular on Pinterest, and I think that is because of the picture I slurped about the perceived Christian meanings / representations of the gifts mentioned. As we are two years on I decided it was time for a poem post update!

I love that so many people are engaging with that angle, and it made me study the poem too. Although the conclusions I came to when I studied it were

“wow there are so many ways to use this in the classroom that I hadn’t even realised!”

And the English 12 days of Christmas bundle on my TpT store was born.

poem update

So what?

Well this bundle has 8 Literacy themed lessons ready for you to use in the difficult it’s almost Christmas but not quite and we are all tired and still teaching and I need you to still be engaged so behaviour doesn’t go wild time of year.

poem update

One is the actual poem written out why don’t you have a sing along in class? One way we used to use the song at a school I taught in was that when your birthday month was used you had to stand so January was 1st, February was 2nd, March 3rd etc… I find it awkward, but the kids always love the bobbing up and down so who am I to stop it?

Another resource in this bundle is to make a modern version of the poem. I included a model text too, so that all the thinking and original ideas can come from the kids you don’t have to do a thing! Likewise, there is a model text included in the thank you letter writing activity I’m sure the kiddos will come up with something awesome don’t they always? But, for this resource there is also a guide to the grammatical features I have included too so that you can model them, showing them in a context to encourage their independent use.

poem update

A full list of the bundle contents is:

  • The poem
  • Spot the Expanded Noun Phrase (ENP) includes answers.
  • Write a thank you letter (with publishing paper and model text)
  • Write a poem update of the 12 days of Christmas (with publishing paper and model text)
  • Picture word match
  • Odd one out reading and reasoning activity
  • Key word wordsearches
  • True or False reading activity.

Eight differentiated literacy activities ready and waiting for you.

The best bit?

You can get them right now, download and use immediately for a tiny $6.80. (As 3.12.20 that is £5.05). For a week of Christmas themed activities ready to rock and roll!

Not interested in buying all 8? Each activity is also available individually for $1 (80p) too!

What’s your favourite Holiday themed lesson? Have you any time saving suggestions? Leave a comment, like and sign up for my regular newsletters here!

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