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I cannot believe that it is the first of March today.  Right now, I am currently looking out of the window in my recently reorganised work space and the unusual appearance of a thin blanket of snow is both delighting and terrifying me.  No one as clumsy as me can expect to get through snow season without a fall.  Living on the south coast of England means that snow chaos often completely bypasses us.  Thank goodness.  The advent of the snow, however, makes me feel distinctly cosy and Christmassy.  Both fantastic feelings, but not really March emotions – are they? So let’s refocus on what is happening right here, right now!

right here, right now March edition

right here, right now reading…

I classify it is as reading, but I suppose technically I am listening to audiobooks by the dozen at the moment.  (Prone to exaggeration?  Moi?)  In January I read actual books too, and so far in 2018 I have listened to The Queen’s Man by Rory Clements, and The Court Painter’s Apprentice by Richard Knight.  My local library charges £1 per audiobook rental (which for up to 24+ hours entertainment seems a bargain to me) but the Teen and Children’s books are free to rent.  Seeing as I am having a fairytale-with-a-twist obsession, and these books seem to be classified as Young Adult (I suppose mentally that suits me…) this is exceedingly pleasing!

February has been “a bit of a month” as they say.  I read more than I listened, and I didn’t manage that much.  Today March begins and I plan to listen to The Great Divorce by C.S.Lewis, The Autumn Throne by Elizabeth Chadwick and Raven Queen by Pauline Francis (this last one is a Young Adult one).

right here, right now making…

My projects haven’t really changed.  The hexastash crochet blanket is ongoing.  The first link takes you to the ravelry project page and the second link takes you to its blog debut maaaaany moons ago…

I recently completed a project that I am almost ashamed to say I started in October 2013.  Yup.  A mere 52 months to complete a 0-3month baby dress.  It must have moved house with me 3 times and who knows when I purchased the yarn… Anyway, tis done now and part of my mum’s charity making project.

right here, right now March edition

Much like this blog I have oh-so-many ideas about what I want to do in the crafting department, so many in fact that I have decided to dedicate a separate blog post to this.

Anyway let’s get back to the right her, right now March edition!

right here, right now, wanting…

I think my main want at the moment, other than the inevitable caffeine craving and bits and bobs that we #firstworlders are taught to want, is to manage my procrastination tendancies.  I have so many hobbies already: reading, crochet, knitting, sewing, colouring, blogging, baking, gardening (directing operations), tricycling, Pinterest… but because I love them all I never know where to start and often end up doing none.  Naughty me.  Must. Try. Harder.

right here, right now hoping…

At some point this month that my decoration plans will come to fruition, and that they will be as awesome (or more) as they are on my Pinterest boards


How about you?  What are you doing right here, right now?  Do comment below, like, and sign up for updates from!


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