right here right now november

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Right Here, Right Now November 2020 edition

It’s time for Right Here Right Now November post where I give you a little glimpse at what I am up to, over here in my corner of the world.

Right now… thinking about Christmas

right here right now november

It’s November. So it is natural to start the pre-Christmas panic, right? Then there is the pandemic. And England back in milder form of the original March lockdown [I say milder as academic institutions are still all open and a lot more places seem to qualify as essential shops, so are open]. As I think I have documented before I love the lockdown. Being introverted and a complete and utter homebody means staying home not interacting suits me well. So the pandemic and lockdown itself aren’t so panic inducing for me. Getting presents and ensuring that the recipients receive them, gift wrapped, in time for the Big day is making me anxious.


I hear you cry! It’s a budget thing. The pandemic has quashed my ability to do Supply (substitute) work in schools. I mean would you want someone who could potentially visit five different schools in a week and be exposed to hundreds (potentially thousands) of other people who may or may not be carrying the Covid-19 virus coming to your school? I get it! But that means that my income between April and November 2020 has been a grand total of 3 tutoring sessions. Which also have been sketchy due to the lockdown. My tutee doesn’t have reliable internet so Zoom isn’t a go ahead.

I’m ok with it. Honestly! I am. I am having a great time. Then Christmas rears its ugly head and you think…. Urgh.

Really soon I will be learning….

One way in which I am counteracting the “urgh Christmas” feelings is through some online learning!

Not only have I signed up for a webinar with Suzi from Startamomblog on the Convertkit platform to learn about digital product sales. But I have also enquired about a “photography to support your business” Zoom course that my local library is offering for free!  Yay!

Right now reconnecting…

With my love of all things homemade and crafty. Except pumpkin jam. Long story, but I am not a lover of pumpkin jam. As part of my stash of crafting stuff I have accumulated an unnecessarily large amount of blank cards with matching envelopes, washi tape, felt tip pens, felt, fabric, thread, yarn, coloured paper…. Anyway. Moving on, I decided to put them to good use and create some birthday cards! I love posting things to people, because I love receiving post (that isn’t bills). Especially in the current times. People need a little note that shows they are loved even if they can’t be expressing that in person at the moment.

It has reconnected me with my Cousins, in laws and great aunt/uncles-in-law and I love writing little notes to them. I have sent out birthday cards, postcards, thank you notes. Just a small “real” note to say hello. Happy days.

right here right now november

What are you doing right here, right now this November? Do you have any cost-effective Christmas ideas? Let me know in the comments, or DM me on Instagram and sign up for all the latest updates [and a set of Maths Vocab sheets]now!

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