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When I started my blog back in the dawn of time, I began a series of posts called “right here, right now”. I loved writing about my “real life”. It felt like it grounded me, and reminded me to have a real life in some ways too. And so, this is the restart, kickstart of said series, and a peek behind the screens at zoedidthat HQ.

Right here, Right now October 2020 edition

Currently my brain is…

…wrestling with whether or not to turn the heating being on! In my head, the clocks should go back to Autumn/Winter timings before the heating goes on. Because technically it is British Summer Time… which means no to the expense of turning the boiler on. My beloved husband disagrees and says when we feel cold, we should whack up the temperature. Being a cold-blooded creature that would mean permanently sitting by a gloriously roaring radiator. And we can NOT afford that. So during the day when Husband is at work the heating is most definitely off, and then it goes on as soon as he can possibly make it to the boiler. It feels like nobody is winning at the moment.

Right now, I am loving…

… my new Cath Kidston mug. Partly because I treated myself on hols last week. A little because I feel like the phrase expresses me perfectly. Maybe because it was HALF PRICE a £3.50 bargain! Mainly because it is full of coffee right now. I am a girl who likes small luxuries such as drinking hot milky coffee from a pretty mug. That’s me.

right here right now october edition

And finally, Right Here, Right Now…

… I am making lists. Lists of actions for my business (which I struggle to call my business how grown up is that? Me having a business?), content plans, YouTube plans, day to day life reminders, TpT product ideas. Just lots of plans and paper and excitement!

How about you? What are your doing right here, right now in October 2020? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like by clicking the star, share this article and sign up for the zoedidthat emails!

right here right now october 2020

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