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right here right now September edition

Right here, right now in September 2017

I am:


“The Little Friend ” by Donna Tartt

I can’t give you my thoughts on this right now as I am literally pages in.  It isn’t the type of book that I would normally pick (because that is almost exclusively historical and fable with a twist fiction).  However, from the first few paragraphs it hooked me in, so I am hopeful I will like it.  If not, it will provide an interesting angle in the conversation at book group!  Almost exclusively the other members all just nod and agree with each other.  I feel like it isn’t just my personality, but my duty to tell them I don’t agree. You say argue, I say discuss.

right here, right now I am making

my Stash Hexablanket

I am actually attempting to crochet from a pattern.  Okay I started using the scary crochet pattern, but now I have it memorised the hexagon pattern and how to join.  Does that mean I am or not?  I was so I am going with …. yes I am.  I am using it as a stash busting project, with a white Double Knit cotton to join.  There was a slight hiatus with a sneaky heptagon working it’s way in, but it’s all rectified now with only mild hyperventilating and bad words…

right here, right now I am worrying 

about my upcoming self employment which starts this very day… *ARGH*

right here, right now I am wanting

this cute and adorable and almost essential because it is what I do mug:

right here right now September edition

and finally for now- right here, right now I am needing

a very strong cup of coffee!

How about you?  What are you up to right here, right now on your side of the screen?

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