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Have you heard of the Six Word Story Challenge?

There is a challenge that I recently heard of which involves people writing a six word story. As a bookworm I was excited to try it for myself.  I worked  hard on it, for such a long time.  However, my attempts would only work as story teasers or a “blurb” for the back of a book.  Definitely not a complete story! You could humour me and count “Unfortunately, rain stopped play again today” .  I remain entirely unconvinced that it counts as an entire story.  Feel free to tell me I am wrong!

This is my effort for today: She held the key to change.

Then it occurred to me that it might be fun to try and do a story synopsis in six words too. So here are three of my best.

Two sisters, Two Queens, Two religions.

Will monster eat mice or Gruffalos?

Practical joker tries to fit in.

Since I learnt about this challenge, I have been desperate to use it in the classroom. What a great way to get kids involved with books and reading!

So here are my ideas for translating the six word story into a classroom tool:

  • Older Primary children and Secondary students could write six word reviews of a guided text or chapter after it has been read.
  • Use it as a starter for a guided reading session.
  • Younger children could summarise a story verbally in a pre-book report style activity.
  • Guess the story from its six word clue!  A great plenary if you use some well known or previously studied texts.

I love the idea of using it in a public or school library as well as a classroom.  Encourage users to complete a short review of a book they have borrowed and then putt it on display for others to see if they would agree or pick that book.  I am a big advocate of everyone using their local library and being Reading Ambassadors. If this six word story tool would encourage use of the library, I say go for it!

What would you write in your six word story? Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for content updates!

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