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Yooo-hooo!  Over here!

Welcome to my latest joint venture which is a sticky collaboration between myself (Zoe from zoedidthat), Henkel and Twinkl!  Just before Christmas I was asked by those rather lovely people over on every Primary (and increasingly Secondary) Teachers goto website Twinkl Resources to write a series of guest posts that collaborate with them and Henkel.  Of course I said yes!  Ok, I may have squealed yes.

The Sticky Collaboration

What is Pritt Stick?

Henkel are the rather clever people behind Pritt stick, and if you are new to the planet you may not know that these glue sticks are the royalty of sticky stuff.  Never again will your stuck stuff unstick when you use a Pritt Stick!

sticky collaboration

The only time I have ever had an issue with Pritt Stick was in a gluing emergency when I used the sparkly coloured sticks.  What I did not realise was that they would show through in a beautiful, wobbly, sparkly coloured rectangle the other side of the school exercise book page…

Pritt Stick Glitter Multipack / Red and yellow glitter glue stick for colourful crafting at home or at school / 2 x 20g

Anyway, head on over to see my work on the Twinkl site to see my work and enjoy the site’s other goodies too.

The site has so many different resources for all ages from Nursery to Adult Education and across the curriculum.  They include differentiated ready to print worksheets and a neat tool called “Create” which helps you create your own resources using their templates and images.

sticky collaboration

When you pop over you will see the Superhero Shield that I made using common crafting bits and bobs that most houses, with children in particular, will have such as paper plates, colouring pens, Pritt stick glue and scissors.

I hope you enjoyed this sticky collaboration.  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign -up for more content!

sticky collaboration

Please note that I was asked to write this post using products that were provided for free. In return, I wrote this post  for the twinkl site. All views are my own. 

Links to some products may contain affiliate links which enables me to make a small commission on the products you buy, with no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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