evolution of zoedidthat

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evolution of zoedidthat

The evolution of zoedidthat

The other day I decided that it was time for a new adventure. 2020 has been a time for many of us to reflect and evaluate which bits of their lives are working, and what, if anything, they want to improve or evolve. I love teaching. I love education and educating. But it turns out I also love being at home, working from home and making my resources.

The Covid 2020 effect

Part of my re-evaluation has been an acceptance that I probably wont return to a leadership role in a school. I know I can do it, but I also now recognise that it could well drive to a mental, emotional and even physical health break. Mainly because I am very good at saying yes and taking duties on board, striving to make my tasks as perfect as I can, and not sleeping.

As a result I have moved onto the Supply (or substitute) realm. Still get to teach. No need to be working before and after school or during all breaks and then upon my return home and then most of the weekend too. It also means that I am reliant on people needing cover. And no longer paid for weekends, holidays or sick days.

I decided to diversify. I love making resources. So off I went gung ho- into the realm of TpT. And what would a revival be without my resuscitation of this blog too? My brother is a marketing expert and he told me I was becoming a brand. Me? A brand? After a minor popping of my brain I decided that this was indeed a good thing and that this good thing should be harnessed to work for my …. Er… good. I realised at this point that I was becoming an “Edupreneur”. A revelation indeed.

So what now?

Next in my journey, a friend of mine contacted me and asked if I was free to tutor her little boy. He was in my class for a year a while ago and we got on so well. I have a talent for being in tune with children. Especially under 8s. Is this because of my open love for Lego, kids books and bad jokes? Maybe. Anyway, I agreed and to be honest I wondered why I haven’t pursued this avenue before.

With my experience in the education system (now over 14 years), I have basically spent my entire career making learning accessible and enjoyable for every child in my care. Be it a child who can’t access Place Value in Maths to the one who has such a fluent and comprehensive understanding of what they read they far exceed the abilities of what could be expected for a child of their age.

So, with this in mind, I have decided to diversify my brand (yet again) within the education realm and become a tutor both online and in person! Yes, it is time to conquer the Zoom experience.

I could be your tutor!

On the tutoring page (look above) you will find a summary of my teaching experience and style, and if you click the drop down bar you will find my Testimonials from happy parents and children.

Plus, there is a natty booking calendar for you to select dates that suit you, and a link to my email address so that you can get answers directly for any more questions you may have.

What a journey 2020 has been so far, and yet there is still a quarter of a year left to run!

Are you an edupreneur? Can you see yourself diversifying in your area? Have you any experience of this transition? Do let me know by commenting, liking this post and signing up for zoedidthat brand updates! And stay tuned for more developments in the future.

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