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From August 4th 2020 to August 5th there is a site wide 20% off sale on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.

And guess what?  I am taking part.  You will be able to grab any of my 50+ resources for 20% off! It is so exciting to be part of the TpT August 2020 sale!

Let me give you some examples of items from my store and the new prices!

Nouns, Expanded Noun Phrases, Common Nouns and Proper Nouns 

9 differentiated activities in one set.

TpT August 2020 sale


This resource is listed for $4.50 and with a 20% discount you can have 9 complete differentiated activities with answers for $3.60. Or $0.40 per activity!  I am practically giving it away.

Or why not try

Prepositions in, on, under, behind.

Reading and understanding preposition words by drawing them correctly.

TpT August 2020 sale

This resource has 4 pages that get progressively harder. Usually I price this resource at $1.50.  With my 20% off sale you can get this at a bargain basement $1.20.  Just 30cents per sheet.  In English £s just 23p a page.  This is crazy,

Guided reading bundles

In my TpT store I have a variety of Guided Reading Plans and Resources.  They are sold separately as planning and resources, in mini bundles with planning and resources for one book, and a Mega Bundle of 6 books of planning AND resources.  I thought I may have underpriced them at $5.00 for a single, $8.00 for two combined and $45.00 for my mega bundle.

TpT August 2020 sale

The mega bundle includes 12 products that are fully differentiated and resourced at 20% discount every day.  Now I am part of the TpT sale the price will drop a further 20%.  $36.00 for the Mega Bundle.  It sounds a lot, but $3.00 per resource that truly is print and teach means you have a whole half term of Guided reading sorted, planned, completely done for just $36.00.  Blimey.

I hope you find something you like that is during the TpT August 2020 sale in my store.  You should shoot over there and look because I also have 8 completely free resources and in total over 50 things to help you save time and money this academic year.

Is there a resource you have your eye on?  Don’t forget to like, comment and sign up for my site updates!

makes me happy

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